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Subway Ministry…

The amazing thing about Short Term Mission Trips is that you come from all over but unite as a family of God for fellowship and servanthood. Today we continued with our projects of soup kitchen, deck remodelling, devotional time, and painting. The first floor of the building needs 1 more coat and then the furnature can be replaced. The second floor plus the staircase still need to be trimmed and then painted. We are hoping that we will be able to patch/paint the bedroom on the third floor prior to finishing this trip. This will be the first room that a young lady will live in starting in September to study under Eliana and Nico for Urban Ministry. 

The subway system in NY can be confusing from the beginning of getting a metro card, to trying to find the correct train, and then to exiting before the doors close! However, God gave us moments to serve others while sharing the Gospel! We nicknamed this as Subway Ministry and many participants took to it naturally.  

This group is better than a bite of the Big Apple!

Prayer Request:

~Enough time and strength to finish all of the painting projects

~Continue to be the Church wherever we go

~Bless the new disciples as the start their year-long Uban Ministry study