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“When I first heard that we were doing the Ask The Lord activity I doubted that anything would come out of it. I didn’t believe that God would speak to different members of our group. But He literally lead us to someone who was struggling with an emotional pain. When we prayed with her I was like, “Whoa, He really does speak to us!” AJ (15 year old youth participant)

Yes, that’s the crazy thing about God. He is always speaking to us, but until we calm our bodies and tune our ears to His frequency, we won’t hear Him. He has this beautiful way in setting us up for something unexpected, yet undeniable that His fingerprints were on it. The ATL activity had the youth practicing the Fruit of the Spirit – Patience and Faithfulness.


Prayer Requests-

God please pour out your comfort and love to those who have recently lost a family member due to sickness.