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Testimonies from Georgia

– God showed up this week by showing me how strong I was and to keep on going and to do a heart check and how to change my perspective!


– During this trip, God reminded me of His power. He showed me His influence during ATL (Ask the Lord) and how we will always end up where he wants us to. He reminded me no mater if we doubt Him or don’t believe that we still play a part in His world.


– This week God showed up for me when we did ATL (Ask the Lord) because that morning I was having a super rough day and prayed for a little bit of joy and when I did I saw the color red and while we were walking back to our meeting place I was super down because I hadn’t met or seen anyone with red that stood out to me but I looked over to a wall area and there was a guy with a red hat and red shirt on and when we walked over to talk to him he brought us so much joy. We were laughing for a good 10 minutes and like he had all these reasons to not be happy yet he filled us with joy.


– God showed me that I need to heal from things I’ve been through in the past. I’m the type of person who likes to suppress their emotions and keep moving all but every now and then they creep back up. Throughout this week hearing different peoples stories, a lot of prayer and reading my Bible. I know I can move on, and that God has so much more in store for me.


– For me, God showed up in many ways. He brought me so much closer to these 11 amazing people I’ve spent the last 10 days with. I’m so glad He helped me form unbreakable friendships and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.


– God showed me that no matter how many Christians there are and no matter how many Jesus followers we have among us, someone is always in need and someone always has a heart that needs to be touched. He showed me women and men alike that were going through things and are struggling but we’re Christ followers and still needed help. God is so good and so loving and so kind.


– God showed up this week when we were doing trash pick up and there was a lady across the street we said good morning to her then we just ran across the street to go talk to her. We were talking and her name is Melene and her husbands name is something like Dave. She told us she was from Denmark and was in New York because her daught Line had to get surgery. She said that it was called MALS and she’s had it since she was 15 now she’s 18. She can’t digest food or drinks. She got surgery in Connecticut on the 21 at 6:15. We prayed for the family and Melene the mom started crying. God showed us to her at the right time.


– Whether it was in our hearts or out on the streets or during a prayer with a stranger, God showed up in so many different areas this week. God showed me that He is always working, even when you can’t see it or feel it. I prayed for God to show me a sign and I had this feeling that we should got to a park. We realized we couldn’t walk all the way to a park but after multiple discourages, we looked up and we were on Park Avenue. I prayed again for God to give me some sort of sign or someone that I could connect with. I looked up and saw a woman across the street. I walked over and talked to her for a while. She then told me that her mom had just passed away and she broke down into tears. I prayed for her and it ended with a big hug. That’s just one of the stories that impacted me this week. God really showed up for all of us this week; He always does.


– God showed up in my week by really letting me open up and be able to talk to so many amazing people. I usually am very nervous talking to new people especially because I’m going somewhere I’ve never been before, but God really opened my heart and allowed me to talk and love the amazing people of New York.


– We were doing the soup kitchen and I asked if I could pray for the people after they got their meals. I remember this one lady and I can’t remember her name but she was staying there for a while just talking to me and I could tell she wanted some company. I didn’t end up praying for her, but I kept her company and I think that means a lot to some people and especially her.


– We were at Central Park and saw a guy sitting on a tall rock. We decided to go up and talk to him. We asked if he wanted any food or bandanas, but he said that he had all he needed. We sat down and talked to him, his name was Dubee. He talked to us about so many things God showed him on his life. He told us he had asked the Lord for some sign he was there. That night he couldn’t go to sleep so he walked around his room for a little while then he sat down and closed his eyes. He told us he saw a not human like figure but so real it was god-like. He told us he kept walking towards him and I’m pretty sure God sent him an angel. He was so happy that we came and talked to him. He told us he enjoyed peoples company and that really touched me.


– God showed up in my week when we walked around the park after doing ATL (Ask The Lord) and before leaving to get back with the rest of the group and seeing a lady sitting on the bench wearing a neon pink shirt which was in my ATL. We talked to her for awhile and she asked us all about what we wanted to do in life. She told us about how she was training for a biking race and how after every 10 miles she meditates in the park, but she told us that us talking to her was way better than meditating.