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Street Ministry and Central Park Clean Up

This amazing team is going strong as one group finishes up the painting projects, the other group did Street Ministry and Central Park Clean Up. Personally, I’ve done a lot of prayer walks in various locations, but there was something surreal about doing it in Central Park. Here’s this famous location that has been in movies and paintings as a picturesque scene. Some of the youth intended it to remain beauitful as they gathered trash during our walk. However, what I found odd is how many people would blindly pass by someone in obvious need until we stopped and share God’s love; then their eyes were opened. Some would stand still and gawk as we handed out bags of food with scripture on it. Some would question in what we were doing and then when asked if they needed prayer they would quickly scurry away. Some shouted insults and mocked us as we shared the words of Christ. For me it was a mix bag of emotions. 
However, one this is for sure is that God is on the move – HALLELUJAH!
Prayer request:
~Ability to get off drugs
~Ability to find someplace to live
~For all eyes to be opened to see things from God’s perspective