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Love Beyond Walls

Love beyond walls happened today at our ministry center – St Paul’s House – by working in the food pantry, scraping & powerwashing the deck, and patching/priming the walls. This building is more than just a homeless place, but God’s home that He is using to share and show His love with generations now and to those yet to come. 
Mid-morning we took a small break to do a brief devotional and worship Him through the song, “New Wine.” As we sang, the walls soaked up the melody to be a new vessel that Jesus will pour out His love from. 
Our group is running hard for Jesus and although we may feel crushed and pressed from the mountain of stairs that we climb throughout this building, we will not tire or grow weary because God keeps renewing our strength. 
Prayer Requests:
~Two participants need healing strength, one for their knee and the other for their back
~Bless the food that was given out to nourish the families and clients
~Use this house to bring forth His glory