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Starting Early…

Day 1- Brooklyn, NY AIM Mission Trip…
Some of our team members arrived early to start serving God ahead of schedule! This week we will be mainly serving at St. Paul’s House which is a homeless ministry that serves breakfast/lunch meals on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, as well as providing a Food Pantry on Tuesday Mornings. In addition, once a month they have a movie night for the local clients that include popcorn, snacks, and fellowship. 
St. Paul’s House was created in 1945 by a pastor that wanted to prepare young adutls for Urban Ministry. It is located in Manhattan on a street nicknamed “Hell’s Kitchen” due to the past involvement with drug/alcohol abuse, sex trafficking, and gang violence. Throughout the years, this community has transformed and changed to reflect the involvement of society. Due to COVID, many of the buildings in this neighborhood were turned into make-shift homeless shelters. However, now there is a need for business resurgence with the community, resulting in the clients being pushed back out onto the streets. Currently, the program hosts are the couple Eliana and Nico, which have recently moved into this building to be on campus for it’s various outreaches. They are looking to revitalize and restore this neighborhood with Christ’s love and light.
We will be working in the Soup Kitchen, Food Pantry, Light Construction, and Painting throughout the week. It was an amazing day and we can’t wait to see how God will show up!
Prayer Requests:
Resotration of neighborhood
Reconcilation of clients with family members
Transition of program’s Board Members
Commissioning of Eliana and Nico for interning as program’s leaders